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Les Maisons de l'Abbaye are places of character near to Montignac with Lascaux caves, Sarlat and Perigueux.

The countless visits make Périgord Noir a real paradise, visits to prehistoric caves, castles, remarkable gardens and so many other unique places...
Dine at one of the many restaurants to discover or rediscover the gastronomy Perigord.
Admire theThe beauty of nature through the paths of hikes, a walk in canoe, on electric mountain bikes
or even during a horseback ride.

découvrir le Périgord Noir

to visit around us

The essentials of Périgord Noir
grotte de lascaux


During your stay in Périgord Noir, the visit of Lascaux IV is a must to share an unforgettable moment with family or friends. Between the identically reproduced decorations of the original cave of Lascaux associated with technology, set off to meet parietal art from all over the world and retrace the footsteps of the civilization of Cro-Magnon men.

sarlat dordogne perigord



The city is known to hold the highest density in historical monuments classified! While strolling through the cobbled streets of the medieval city, remember to look up to observe the architectural richness of the monuments.

The producer shops and regional products, Sarlat markets are essential to taste the specialties of the Périgord gastronomy!

Les Eyzies Dordogne



To discover a high place in the Vézère valley, direction : Les Eyzies, World Capital of Prehistory !
You will have the opportunity to visit the Font de Gaume caves and Combarelles classified by UNESCO!
Passing by ICap-Blan sheltervs and the deposits of Laugerie-Basse and Laugerie-Haute, take the time to stop at National Museum of Prehistory.

gastronomie dordogne


Périgourdine Gastronomy
Fraises produits locaux périgord


For the lovers foie gras, the Périgord certified origin IGP label guarantees you exceptional quality, visit the goose and duck farms with tasting at the end of the visit of course.
Truffles, the region black diamond! To unlock all its secrets, head to the Truffle Festival in mid-January.

 Périgord walnuts is essential!
Fresh, dried or in confectionery, it is a treat not to be missed.
Melting, sweet, rich in flavor, Strawberries from Périgord will amaze the taste buds of young and old.

The producers of Cabecou are waiting for you to taste their farmhouse cheese.

Légumes du marché périgord



Throughout the year, do it full of Périgord products in traditional markets, farmers markets of countries without forgetting the nocturnal gourmet markets. Know-how, delicacies and encounters with local producers who will share their passion with you.


Monday : Les Eyzies

Tuesday : Salignac or Thenon

- Wednesday : Montignac or Sarlat

- Thursday : Terrasson

- Friday : Lardin or La Roque Gageac

- Saturday : Montignac or Sarlat or Périgueux

- Sunday : St-Geniès or Marquay

Restaurant Bistro périgord


In the restaurants  from the Vézère Valley, sit around a table and succumb to the dishes from our region.

Bistro, brasserie, gourmet restaurants, they will help you discover the Périgord gastronomy. .


For example, do not hesitate to go for lunch or dinner at : 

Jean's Table in Coly (3 km)

The Hautegeante Manor in Coly (3 km)

Le petit Léon in St Léon sur Vézère (18 km)

O Moulin in Sarlat (20 km)

and many others ...

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