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Signature of a rental contract to be returned to us within 72 hours accompanied by proof of deposit payment of 50%.

Balance of the rental to be paid 30 days before arrival.


The tourist tax in application of the Tourism Code - article D422-3 - will be payable when paying the balance of the rental. Payment of €2 per person per night. Minors are exempt from this tax.


In the event of cancellation of this for any reason, the rental will be due as follows.

Cancellation 10 weeks before the rental date: the first payment of 50% will be due.

Cancellation between 6 and 10 weeks before the rental, 75% of the rental will be due.

Cancellation within 6 weeks of stay: all rent will be due.

In addition, it is advisable to take out cancellation insurance.



We accept the presence of your pets under certain conditions. Their presence must respect the interior and exterior places:

  • Access to the rooms is strictly prohibited.

  • Upholstery fabrics (sofa, carpet, etc.) must be protected

  • Their natural needs should be carried out in the meadow and picked up immediately.

  • Pets are strictly prohibited in the swimming pool.


Damage caused by animals is the responsibility of their owners.



The houses are non-smoking; thank you for respecting the people who will occupy the house after your stay. You will find an ashtray at your disposal outside. We thank you for evacuating your cigarette butts before your departure.

We also ask you not to eat in the rooms.

For the use of fireplaces, firewood is at your disposal outside, we would be grateful if you would leave the firewall permanently, and extinguish the fire before your departure.


The tenant will return the house after having removed all of his personal effects and carried out a small cleaning (WC, emptying the dishwasher, etc.) evacuating the garbage cans.


A basket with cleaning supplies is available to you (sponges, mop, multi-surface product, toilet product, dishwashing product, dishwasher tablets). The vacuum cleaner is stored in the laundry room as well as a broom and a shovel.

The beds are prepared before your arrival. You can request a change of linen during your stay (€10 per pair of sheets and €5 per towel).



The beds are made upon your arrival. For aesthetic reasons we put bedspreads on the duvets;  for your comfort, we suggest you remove them.

Cotton towels are provided (2 towels per person), there will be no change of towels during the stay (excluding additional service provision)


Please respect the selective sorting of waste:

- recyclable waste: empty plastic and/or cardboard packaging should be thrown in the trash with a yellow bag.

- other waste (except glasses) should be thrown in the trash can with the black bag.


The town does not have a garbage collection service. Garbage cans must not remain full inside the house. Containers are at your disposal near the cemetery at the exit of the village.


The glass should not be put in the trash:  the disposal of the glass is your responsibility, in the bubble located next to the cemetery.


Sanitation is an individual installation: it is strictly forbidden to throw away non-degradable products or products that could pollute the natural environment (household waste, chemicals, used oils, cigarettes, baby diapers, feminine protection, etc.)



As part of the rental of one of the houses (La Forge, L'Ermitage or La Source) a deposit of €1000 is due before arrival as well as the delivery of an insurance certificate.

On your arrival, an inventory will be made with the handing over of the keys and it will be checked on your departure. We ask you to sign the swimming pool certificate on your arrival.

The security deposit of €1,000 intended to cover damage and/or damage to the accommodation, furniture and objects furnishing the accommodation caused by the tenant as well as the loss of keys and non-compliance with the instructions for welcoming pets.

We ask you to plan to leave the house before 10 am so that we can ensure the reception of the following tenants in due time.

However, if you have to leave the premises early, please let us know within the week in order to organize the inventory and the handing over of the keys.

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